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of students borrow for college


maximum federal loan amount

44.2 million

Americans hold student loan debt

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What to know about borrowing for college

Hear from CommonBond's VP of In-School Lending, Pete Wylie, as he shares his expertise on borrowing for school. Learn more about how to evaluate federal loans vs private loan options, college financial aid and choosing the right school, and the dangers of over-borrowing. Plus, understand how focusing on the long-term can help you build a borrowing strategy that ensures you’re covered for all four years.

Student loans don’t need to be complicated.

That’s where CommonBond comes in. Start the student loan journey off right with simple and affordable student loans.

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With multiple types of payment protections, you can breathe a little easier when life gets unpredictable.

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Pay less with low rates (and competitive rate matching), potentially saving thousands in the long run vs. other options.